Freeze Tech Equipments Private Limited Freeze Tech Equipments Private Limited

FREEZE TECH PROCESS CHILLERS are designed to meet a variety of process cooling requirements in the PLASTIC PROCESSING INDUSTRY where chilled water is critical for better quality & increased production output.

NO TWO INDUSTRIES HAVE THE SAME REQUIREMENT and virtually every critical duty process applications is an opportunity to showcase our engineering excellence, innovation & adaptability of our product.

MODULAR DESIGNS available in both air-cooled options and water- cooled options and a wide range of capacities (0.3tr to 50tr) allows you to choose a unit which suits your immediate requirement and add on units based on your increased capacity requirements at a later date. 

COMPRESSOR SELECTION is based on the precise load conditions and duty matching and covers a wide range of hermetic, semi-hermetic & scroll models; selected to minimize the power requirement.

A MICROPROCESSOR CONTROL system which controls and monitors the performance of the entire unit and provides diagnostic indications & fault alarms can be programmed to suit the individual process operation and simplify the operators job to the single touch of a button. 

CONSTRUCTED on sturdy square pipe frames with easy access through easily removable & lockable epoxy painted sheet metal panels, an isolated Wiring Box with ferruled and number coded wiring, low noise fans, built-in matching pumps to suit a wide range of fluids ranging across water, glycol, brine, coolants, cutting oils, hydraulic oils & even food products and certain acids

Ultimately our reputation depends on our operational success. By employing only the highest quality component selection, assembled, tested & serviced by highly skilled technicians and supported by advanced microprocessor control there is no better choice than the FREEZE TECH CHILLER.